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Riddle with pain

by Admin 27. October 2014 17:10
My body is riddled with pain, right now, 2 hours ago, yesterday, last week, so i guess it will be tomorrow right?  I don't think it will be but science says thats a stupid thought.  If its been in pain this long, chances are, it will be in pain tomorrow.  However, if I didn't have hope that one day it will get better, than how could I be happy every day?  I am happy.  Even with the pain and everything else.  I am still very very happy every day.  I have my family and I have a mind that works and allows me to make a choice to be happy.  If my choices are be in pain and be sad or depressed or be in pain and be happy, well, "Happy for 1000 Bob", every day!   


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